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If you have any questions, or are a business owner looking for some assistance, please feel free to contact me anytime at:

mark.w.hayward [at] (remember to replace ‘at’ with @)


Twitter @mark_hayward


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  1. Hi Mark, I just sent you a email message to your Yahoo account. Unfortunately our domain name (Antics) sometimes gets caught in spam filer. Hoping you can look for email and confirm that you go it. Many thanks. Linda

  2. Hi Mark, just found you via your old Tropical Escape site. I thought you might be interested in being an active member of the Location Independent community – link in the website field. Like your latest post and will promote it on that site.

  3. I saw your dog rescue effort from PR and although I was only there for a month I was freaked by the attitudes of people to great dogs. I was there to open two retail stores, and a street dog loved us. The PR manager said as soon as the store would open, it would be in the dumpster. We bought a crate, had it to through the vet. no heaertworm… YEAH and got her an awesome home in Texas

  4. Mark,
    I am interested in seeking some inspirational intuition with regard to how best capture the attention of businesses that wish to come to RI and grow.

    Your thoughts,


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