Revolutions are driven by passion!

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Social media and blogging are changing the world on a daily basis and it’s why we named our free ebook the Possibility Engine, because anything is possible.

In fact, according to Seth Godin we are in the midst of a revolution. If you are willing to put in the work, you now have more opportunities than ever before to connect, engage, and build relationships with your customers, donors, or readers. Now is the time take advantage of the possibilities and become the brand manager, vice president of marketing, and CPO (Chief Passion Officer) for your business, your message, and your life.

Revolutions are driven by passion and a demand for change, and in this case, technology. Removing the old way of doing things—expensive ads, lucrative marketing campaigns, and ruthless bosses and creating a change with the possibilities that are available to you today demand action and a complete shift in thought process.

  • Before we shouted. Now we can engage.
  • Previously we had to purchase expensive ads. Now we can educate and inform.
  • In the past we had no voice. Now we can connect, build trust, and develop relationships.

Certainly, there’s risk involved but as small business, a nonprofit or even as an individual, all of the impetus for change resides in…yes, you alone.

seek-failure(click slide to download the Possibility Engine)

If you’ve been considering taking action with a blogging or social media strategy, we want you to get motivated and get moving because the world is waiting for you and your message. The walls you are putting up are imaginary and meant to specifically keep you from taking action:

  • People will laugh. So what?
  • What about my career? Nobody is telling you to quit your job (yet).
  • What will my family say? Hopefully they’ll support you.
  • Sure seems like a lot of work. You bet it is!

Remember, critics rarely create! With hard work and focus you CAN achieve your blogging and social media goals and if you missed the links above you can download it now Possibility Engine.

(Note: The Possibility Engine is a creative collaboration between Mark Hayward (@mark_hayward) and Joaquín R. Kierce (@jrkierce) and the ebook design and layout was done by Jonathan Woodward of Shine & Glue. If what we are trying to do resonates with you we would be grateful if you’d share it on Twitter or Facebook. Oh yeah, over the next couple of weeks we’ll be delving into each page (today was day 3 of 30) to further inspire you, so don’t miss one day, get the email updates.)

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10 Reasons Why the 140 Conference is GOOD for Puerto Rico

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Are you interested in the “State of Now?” Specifically, how it’s affecting your life, your business, and your interactions?

The state of now is here! The #140conf events provide a platform for the worldwide Twitter and greater social media community to: (from “listen, connect, share and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time Internet on business.” Below, Jeff Pulver discusses what the 140Conf is all about.


Now is an opportune time to explore the “State of Now” in Puerto Rico, the greater Caribbean region and Central and South America. With Groupon recently launching in San Juan, Barcamp SJU drawing many real-time web leaders, and with all of the social media enthusiasts collectively in the area, the state of now (and the possibilities it affords) is an important discussion to be having. And the 140Conf would be a fantastic, community driven, conference for the region.

However, if you still need convincing, here are ten reasons why we should work to bring the 140Conf to Puerto Rico.

1. Global recognition

The collective 140Conf events around the world represent the largest gathering of people who are interested in the effects of the real-time Internet on both business and the “me” people and Puerto Rico is recognized internationally as a top vacation destination. Combining both a top global destination and leading emerging technologies conference creates a unique opportunity and chance to be recognized as social web thought leaders and a world class location.

Additionally, according to the 140 Conference website, at their 2010 NYC event alone they had 1,000 attendees and the number of followers that the speakers had represented a reach of over 10.3 million people.

2. Greater awareness of Puerto Rico

Citizens within the global community certainly know of Puerto Rico’s amazing beaches, spectacular rainforest, and gracious and friendly people, but what about the Internet commerce, tech, and social media sectors. Your customers, friends and fans are having real and important conversations on the social web.

Should the 140Conf in Puerto Rico attract a minimum of 500 attendees, the collective Twitter networks of just the conference participants would spread the word about Puerto Rico exponentially if you assume that the average user on Twitter has approximately 500 followers x 500 people = a reach of  250,000 (which doesn’t include RT’s and Facebook).

3. The time is right

The state of now is HAPPENING now. Not last year and not next week. The real time web and its impact is this hour, this moment, and this second. When the 140 Conference comes to Puerto Rico it will be the first time for the Caribbean and Central/South America region. Being the first to hold a meeting of this scale in the region helps to further establish Puerto Rico as one of the thought leaders of the region for real time connections and conversation.

4. Tourism

In order for Puerto Rico to stay competitive in the tourism industry, the niche needs to grow beyond the shore and think about the future. Establishing Puerto Rico as a leader in the social web now could well establish it as the “goto” tech meeting location in the Caribbean and particularly as the real time web becomes even more enveloped into our daily lives.

5. Collaboration

Puerto Rico, Central & South America, and the greater Caribbean region is a sizable area with many influential people. If there’s someone in the social web spere that you have been meaning to work and connect with but just haven’t had the occasion to meet, then the 140 Conference is an ideal location.

6. Idea sharing

Exciting things happen when serendipity, creativity, and positive energy all come together at the same location. Chances are, after a bit of brainstorming and story sharing with fellow attendees, projects that you’ve never dreamed of launching could become a reality from the inspiration that the 140Conf provides.

7. Networking

Interacting and meeting folks online is one of the true draws of social media and Twitter. However, it’s even better to meet and connect in persona and the 140 Conf affords the opporunity to meet people with whom you might not otherwise come into contact with.

8. Educating people and the chance to present

If you are involved in the social web on a professional level then chances are you’re doing great work within the real time web. You need to be educating people and sharing your story with the global community. Conversely, if you’re looking to learn how to develop a community using the social web, then the 140Conf gives you a chance to listen, discover, and engage.

9. Sharing stories

Have you had a successful project or fantastic real time web case study? Or do you have strong ideas on what seems to be working with social media and what seems to be falling flat? The 140Conf provides an amazing forum for sharing stories and presentations on your personal growth.

10. The possibilities are endless

Today, now, you have more opportunity than ever before to share your story and your vision with no gatekeeper and no middleman to stop you. If you can dream it and are willing to put in the time and effort then the possibilities of what you can achieve truly are endless.

If you (or someone you know) are connected to a company that might be interested in helping to sponsor the 140Conf Puerto Rico and aligning their brand with this very unique event (which has tremendous global reach), then please connect with me @mark_hayward.


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