21 simple and actionable ways to improve your hotels social media strategy today

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hotel-social-mediaHotel social media can be a tremendous time suck! Congratulations and give yourself a big pat on the back if you followed all 21 days of the hotel social media challenge.

I’ve written a lot over the past three weeks on tools, strategies, and best practices to help you, the hospitality professional, get a better handle on social media for your hotel.

For today’s final day — and for those that did not complete the whole challenge — I will give you the abridged version by providing 21 actionable tasks that you can do RIGHT NOW to improve the social media presence of your hotel or hospitality business.

Hotel Social Media for You

Without further ado, here are your hotel social media daily goals for the next three weeks.

Day 1. Conduct a simple reputation audit.

Day 2. Learn how your online presence can separate your hospitality business from the competition.

Day 3. Determine 5 qualities of your ideal guest.

Day 4. Understand how your guests find you online.

Day 5. Discern how your guests perceive your business from what they research online

Day 6. Write a post (Facebook or Blog) that answers one of your most frequently asked questions.

Day 7. Comprehend why your website is critical!

Day 8. Interview one of your guests and post it online.

Day 9. Create a mind map of content ideas.

Day 10. Make a mini-schedule of posts that you can use for your blog or Facebook page.

Day 11. Master how to craft an eye catching headline.

Day 12. Post some photos to Facebook or Instagram.

Day 13. Shoot some video.

Day 14. Improve your Facebook engagement.

Day 15. Realize the number one mistake hoteliers make with Twitter.

Day 16. Educate yourself on the difference between TripAdvisor and YELP?

Day 17. Go to a destination forum and answer some questions about your location.

Day 18. Encourage a departing guest to write a review of your property.

Day 19. Actively respond to negative reviews (a management response template is provided for you).

Day 20. Undertake your hospitality social media strategy in an hour a day.

Day 21. Ask one of your check-ins if they like your page on Facebook, and if the do give them a free upgrade. (It’s all part of the review feedback loop!)

There you have it! Three weeks worth (or 21 days) of simple, yet actionable, tasks you can incorporate to improve the social media presence of your hospitality venture.

If you need help with your hotel social media or have questions, shoot me an email or connect on Twitter.

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Mark Hayward