9 pretty compelling reasons why you should be encouraging guest reviews

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Welcome to day 18 of the 21-day hospitality social media challenge!

Do you encourage guests to write reviews of your hospitality business? If not, you probably should!

1. 92% of internet users read product reviews (e-tailing group).

2. 89% of people say that reviews influence their buying decision (e-tailing group).

3. 53% of travelers say they won’t book a hotel if it has NO reviews (PhoCusWright).

4. 81% of travelers usually or always reference TripAdvisor hotel reviews before making selections (PhoCusWright).

5. 98% of users agreed that TripAdvisor reviews helped them have a better trip (PhoCusWright).

6. 300 million people view TripAdvisor content on sites other than TA each month (TripAdvisor).

7. TripAdvisor has 26 million monthly unique visitors.

8. 78% of travelers say seeing a management response to reviews makes them believe that it cares more about its guests (PhoCusWright).

9. 84% of travelers say an appropriate management response to a bad review improves their impression of the hotel (PhoCusWright).

Remember, guests and customers have ALWAYS talked about your business! Social media just allows them to amplify their voice. As opposed to telling ten people, travelers now have the ability to share their opinions with the world. Attention to detail and amazing customer service never go out of favor, master them both and the most difficult part of reputation optimization is taken care of.

Task day 18: Your challenge for today is to encourage a departing guest to write a review of your property.

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