The One Big difference between TripAdvisor and YELP (that you don’t know about)

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Greetings and welcome to “the difference between Yelp and Tripadvisor” for day 16 of the 21-day hospitality social media challenge!

What’s the difference between Yelp and Tripadvisor?

You are probably very well aware that YELP is a review site like just like TripAdvisor, although it is not specific to Travel.

In fact, YELP bills itself as the “leading local guide for real word-of-mouth reviews.”

The platform has on average 117 million unique visitors, more than 47 million reviews, and at present the mobile app is on 11 million devices.

yelp for hotels

One of the best ways for you to proactively manage your reputation on YELP is to “claim” your business and to create a profile.

It is free to claim your business and by doing so, you are at least in command of your hospitality venture’s profile information.

claim yelp profile

Also, it should be noted that even if you do not claim your business or create a profile, a customer could still leave a review. So it’s worth claiming your listing to ensure the information (address, phone, website, etc.) is correct, and to allow you to effectively monitor your profile.

The biggest difference between Yelp & TripAdvisor

If you are not aware, the greatest difference between YELP and Tripadvisor is that Tripadvisor encourages hotels and business owners to ask travelers for reviews AND YELP discourages it.


Above is a screengrab of an online conversation that the YELP CEO, Jeremy Stoppelman, recently had on Reddit. Specifically, he talked about how the platform discourages the solicitation of reviews and even penalizing businesses for doing it.

Conversely, TripAdvisor encourages hospitality businesses to be proactive when seeking reviews and they even provide tools for you in its management center so that you can actively seek feedback from your customers!

Task day 16: While the difference between Yelp and Tripadvisor might be subtle, your task for today is to claim your business on YELP and to make sure you fill out all of the information correctly.

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Mark Hayward