How HONY can help you greatly improve your Facebook fan engagement

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Today we will discuss how Humans of New York and their use of image and stories can greatly improve your content marketing efforts.

Oh, yeah! And congratulations to you for making it to day number 14 of the 21 day hospitality social media challenge!

What can Humans of New York FB page do for you?

Similar to training for a marathon where you must put in the work to complete the distance, with social media there are no magic bullets to success or (ethical) ways to game the system. You must be consistent and committed in order to have long-term triumph.

When done right, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms allow you to become a digital concierge for your destination and they are tremendous avenues for you to build trust amongst potential customers–so that you can increase bookings!

Facebook alone has over 1.1billion active monthly users and 655 million daily active users. The following video highlights the story of how Brandon Stanton, the creative mind behind Humans of New York (HONY), is connecting, sharing, and building his community.

Though it’s not specific to hospitality, there is a lot of value that hospitality professionals (who want to improve their Facebook engagement) can glean from Brandon and how he has experienced exponential growth in a very short time.

(Note: If you can’t see the video, this link will take you there >>

If you are too busy to watch the quick video here are the highlights:

  • Brandon Stanton lost his job.
  • He had NO special camera skills or budget.
  • After contemplation he decided he wanted to take photos.
  • Brandon created the Humans of New York Facebook page and started posting the pictures there.
  •  After a while he began including the stories of the subjects that are featured in the photos.
  • Each of his photos get shared and liked by ~50,000 fans.
  • The page’s growth has been explosive and now has 1.8 million fans!


What Brandon is doing, any one of us can do for our hospitality venture (with some slight modifications of course). He has tapped into story sharing, empathy, and truly caring to get people (his subjects) to resonate with other people (his fans).

Day 14 task: After watching the Humans of New York video story, your challenge today is to come up with three or four Facebook posts that you could create based on Brandon’s example.

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Mark Hayward