The art and science behind crafting a post title

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craft titleWelcome to day 11 of the  21-day hospitality social media challenge! You are awesome for sticking with it thus far.

Now that you have come up with some ideas using mind mapping, it’s now time think about crafting your post title, which is truly an art and a science!!

Every day online your potential guests are being bombarded constantly with messages on social media and the streams of information are moving faster and faster. They are definitely not slowing down! With the growth of online marketing, both the channels and volumes of online information competing for your customers’ attention has exploded, making it increasingly challenging to stand out.

Back in 2007 one of the most intelligent and talented bloggers online, Darren Rowse, gave me a piece of advice that still holds true to this day. He told me, “You have to build the need to read” and to give a person a reason to click on your link or to read your whole post.

At present, a typical day on the Internet shows that 2 million blog posts, 294 billion emails, and 864 thousand hours of video are created. Each day also brings 400 million tweets and Facebook has 1,500 potential pieces of new content for you every time you log on.

Titles and headlines matter!

Take note: 80% of readers never make it past the headline and on average, eight out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only two out of 10 will read the rest.

The graphic below is from a study that Conductor undertook on headline preferences. It has relevant data about the types of titles that get individuals to click on your link.

headline preference

As you can see, 36% of people prefer a number in the title, 21 % are attracted to a title that addresses them, and a mere 11% respond to a title that is a question.

With respect to your content creation, it’s important to keep those percentages in mind as you work to improve your online presence and continue to develop helpful information for your ideal guest.

(Pro tip: If you are struggling with coming up with creative titles, this sounds crazy but one of the best places to get title ideas is from magazines in the grocery story. Particularly magazines that are directed at women, but really all of them know how essential it is to get your attention while you are in line.)

Task day 11: Your challenge today is to get used to creating catchy titles. Using the following samples below, structure them to suit your specific needs for an update:

  • Six Best Ways to …
  • The Ultimate Guide to …
  • How to …
  • Three Ways You Can …

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Mark Hayward