Six benefits of posting regularly to your hospitality blog or Facebook page

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Congratulations to you for making it to day ten of the hospitality social media challenge! You now have a good overview of who your ideal customer is and how to come up with ideas to create content for them. But, you might be curious as to what some of the benefits to engaging in social media are.

You may find this hard to believe, but we all have the power to be publishing companies now if we want to be! Having the ability to create, and post updates and content, is one of the most powerful mediums of the twenty-first century, granting you the opportunity to be the brand manager and chief storyteller of your hotel and destination.

Benefits include:

1. It’s cost-effective marketing because it only requires a time commitment.

2. It allows you to educate your potential guests. Even though you deal with your destination and hotel every day, people are always going to have questions.

3. It provides an extension of your customer service. Social media is a convenient way for you to share your story and be transparent.

4. It enables the development of trust. For example, have you ever hesitated before putting your credit card number online to make a purchase? Your potential guests are not different, but if they trust you and feel like they know you through online interactions, there is a much better chance that they will book with you!

5. It provides improved search engine optimization (SEO).

6. It establishes you as the “go to” place for information and helpful tips about your destination!

Task day ten: Your challenge today is to come up with a mini-schedule of five posts that you can use for your blog or Facebook page next week.

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Mark Hayward