Facing content creation frustration head-on!

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content creation frustrationWelcome to day eight of the 21-day hospitality social media challenge!

One of the biggest challenges you might be facing is coming up with ideas to keep your content fresh. When it comes to STEP 4, “Information,” in the review feedback loop, sadly, it’s not uncommon to feel like the guy in the photo. Especially if you are already overworked, stressed out, and have about a million other things to do on your schedule. And because you are overwhelmed you might make the conscious decision to do nothing.

One way to conceptualize a Facebook page or blog and its possibilities is to imagine that if your regular website is the front door to your hotel, then your blog or Facebook is your comfortable lobby area where stories are told, ideas shared, questions answered, and trust with the customer is earned.

Another way of thinking about it can be analogous to a very basic, but much-needed tool, such as a hammer. In the proper hands, a hammer has the ability to craft a home that will provide shelter for years to come. But an unused hammer sitting in your toolbox doing nothing is essentially useless!

Just like a hammer, an unused Facebook page or blog will sit there online like an inanimate object, not achieving anything. However if it’s updated with content on a consistent basis it can become the cornerstone of the social media footprint and online presence.

If it all seems too overwhelming, before you throw your hands up in disgust and move on, you should seriously ask yourself:

  • Who knows your story better than you?
  • Who can explain your services better than you?
  • Who can personify your commitment to excellence better than you?

Nobody! In fact, you are more uniquely qualified to post on Facebook or blog about your hotel and destination than the most seasoned online writer.

All you need is the confidence to realize that you are completely capable, and to possess the willingness to leap in and do the work required.

Task for Day 8: The challenge today for day eight is simple, interview one of your guests (it doesn’t have to be long) and post the written answers to Facebook or your blog.

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Mark Hayward