Why your hospitality website is critical!

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hospitality websiteWelcome to day seven of the 21-day hospitality social media challenge! Your website is your front door and your front desk to the world. It’s critical that you convey information in a seamless manner and attempt to be as transparent and honest as possible about what you have to offer.

Similar to how when a traveler thinks about a destination, when a potential guest lands on your website they begin to form their opinion of your property. And, as shown in stage three of the review feedback loop, I very much like to think that this is where initial review formation begins!

To be sure, the person researching has not been to your property, but based on what you are presenting online they are deciding whether to book with you or not.

Unfortunately, many business owners think the review process starts when a customer leaves their hotel, but in reality it can begin months in advance with that first interaction with your online presence and reputation. You can almost think of your website as the “foot” in the social media footprint and all of your other online efforts extend from here.

Within the hospitality industry, direct bookings are king, so your site must be geared to close sales by getting people to book rooms! Otherwise it’s not working as it should. Hotels give billions to the OTA’s in commissions every year so the importance of your website cannot be understated.

Day seven task: Conduct an audit of your site by standing behind some of your guests as they try to use your website. Graciously seek their feedback to determine the following:

  • Is the information relevant?
  • Is your website easy to navigate?
  • Is the booking process seamless?
  • What would drive them away?
  • Is it mobile friendly?

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Mark Hayward