Who is your ideal guest?

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Your ideal guestWelcome to day three of the twenty-one day hospitality social media challenge!

In order to start off developing a better online presence and social media footprint, you need to have a good understanding of who your ideal guest is so that you know who is on the other end of the internet searching for your hotel.

That way you can create content specifically for them, and you have a better understanding of what information is beneficial and helpful to them. One of the biggest frustrations when coming up with Facebook updates or blog posts is that if you try to write for everyone you’ll wind up getting frustrated and soon might find yourself writing for NO ONE – meaning you give up because you don’t know what to create.

When I owned my hotel, our ideal guest was an active traveler who liked adventure, Typically, the folks were in their twenties to late forties and they liked activities such as hiking, snorkeling and bird watching. Many of them were also interested in experiencing the local culture and trying non-touristy restaurants or out of the way spots.

And it’s funny, sometimes we would get people from large cities and I could instantly tell that we were not the right place for them. In fact, they probably should have stayed in the city for their vacation. But, as I am sure you know, I found these were the guests that I could learn the most from. In talking with them I always wanted to find out how I could have been better at getting the message out about what we had to offer.

Day three task: Write out who your ideal guest is! What are 5 qualities of your ideal guest?

For example, if you describe your guest as active, then describe what that person looks like. Is it someone who rides a bike every day or is it someone who thinks walking to the corner store is active? What is their age? What do they like to do?

You are looking to target these people, so what types of websites do they frequent? Or how can you connect with them? What kind of things do they buy and what types of restaurants do they like? What amenities do they look for?

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Mark Hayward