Sun, Surf, and Startups – ebook highlighting Puerto Rico’s Tech & Creative Entrepreneurs

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Puerto Rico certainly has no shortage of innovation, creativity, or entrepreneurs (see: EnterprizePR).

However, during the past couple of years the island has experienced a surge in the tech startup industry. From Bar Camp to Startup Weekend, and Hackathons to a chapter of the Founder Institute — a community is evolving and the participants are going to be helping to shape the future economy.


Over a year ago I was sitting on the ferry traveling from Culebra to San Juan, Puerto Rico to attend a meetup organized by Marcos Polanco and Ramphis Castro. Having witnessed (from the periphery) for a few years the remarkable group of talented, driven and creative technical folks, I thought about how I might contribute to the community and help to get the message out. The ebook — Sun, Surf, and Startups — is the result of that initial brainstorming session and you can download it by clicking on the cover below (or this shortlink .

puerto rico startups


Seemingly, everyday I learn about new people involved in startups here in Puerto Rico who are taking the global community by storm. During the last week alone I learned about Sparkative, Tommie HernandezNGEN, and Rebexa.

PLEASE, if you are an entrepreneur in Puerto Rico or are familiar with individuals not profiled in version one, put their info below or let us know about them. The sole purpose of the ebook, and its future versions, is to create an additional communication node that draws light on Puerto Rico’s tech and creative startup initiatives.

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