#140conf Exploring the State of Now – Puerto Rico, Caribbean, & Beyond

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Whether you live in a buzzing metropolis like New York City or London, or if you are located on a Caribbean island or a remote village in Africa, the impact of social media on our daily lives cannot be disputed.

In fact, social media’s influence might be even greater for those of us living in a village or on an island! Those residents now have a voice and a way to connect globally, where it might not have existed before. Certainly, triumphant stories of how the real time web and the ‘State of Now’ are impacting the world are everywhere and include everything from inspiring political revolutions, to aiding in animal rescue, to helping humanitarian aid planes get landing clearance.

######March 27 #140Conf Meetup/Tweetup at the San Juan Mariott######

Do you live in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, or surrounding region? What’s your story? How has the social media revolution impacted YOU and YOUR life?

Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver) is the founder & producer of the #140conf event which was created “to provide a platform for the worldwide online community to: listen, connect, share and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business. The #140conf creates serendipity in talking to each other, sharing ideas across industries, and exchanging thoughts with people like you and not like you.”

During the coming year, Jeff would like to conduct a #140conf in San Juan for Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and anyone globally who might be interested in sharing their real-time web story and ‘Exploring the State of Now’ with other like minded individuals.

To that end, Jeff and Alan Weinkrantz (@alanweinkrantz) will be conducting a site visit to the San Juan Marriott during March 26-28 to check out the meeting space and to meet with brands or organizations that might be interested in sponsoring the event.

Jeff and Alan’s visit will culminate with a #140conf event meetup/Tweetup on the evening of March 27th at the Marriott. Additionally, during the Tweetup Alan will be looking to conduct brief interviews with 30-40 individuals to find out what makes the Caribbean and Puerto Rico such a special place and to capture the impact that social media is having regionally.

As a final note, bringing the #140conf to Puerto Rico has been an ongoing collaborative process for the past couple of years and I would like to personally thank a few talented people who have been willing to believe in the power of this conference and who’ve had the patience to stay connected to the project.

Raul Colon – @rj_c
Gil Schmidt – @gilthejenius
Joaquin R. Kierce – @jrkierce
Melissa Delgado – @sanjuanmarriott
José Padilla – @jpadilla_
Giovanni Collazo – @gcollazo
Hector Ramos – @hectorramos
Gianpaolo Pietri – @yastapr

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Mark Hayward


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    Where should I be posting my answer to: “What’s your story? How has the social media revolution impacted YOU and YOUR life?”

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