10 Undisputable reasons why you should write your resignation today!

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  1. You have been thinking about leaving your job persistently almost every day for six months to a year.
  2. You loathe working for other people in an office environment.
  3. You really have an inner desire or drive to be your own boss and start your own business.
  4. You are generally miserable and it is because of your job, or your job is affecting your personal relationships (even on the weekends).
  5. You requested a leave of absence for three months to take a career break, sabbatical, or mini-retirement and your company said NO even though you offered to take it without pay.
  6. You would like to travel and see the world.
  7. Every year when you come back from vacation you tell yourself I am going to leave my current job and do x,y, and z. Then a week later you are back into the same “treadmill-esque” routine.
  8. You would like to work from home or possibly telecommute.
  9. You have a strong feeling that there is more to life than just going to the same job for numerous years and working from 9 to 5.
  10. Everyday when you are at work (or even out of work) you are feeling claustrophobic or trapped.

**Bonus: You know the world is changing and you realize that we are in the middle of a revolution! At this point you don’t even have to  hand in the resignation but hang it in a place where it can motivate you to take action on your side hustle, small business, or networking activities.

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Mark Hayward


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  1. Make sure you have at least six months worth of savings built up so, in the event your big idea doesn’t take off right away, you don’t go totally broke.

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