How do you plan your week?

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Time Flies. When you plan your week do you schedule in time for blogging and social media?

For many struggling, overworked, and frazzled business owners scheduling their week doesn’t necessarily include making time for  blogging or social media. Rather, it’s done on an ad hoc basis.

Your success might vary, but for my three blogs,, and the Palmetto Guesthouse Blog I try to dedicate about eight hours each week to content creation.

Typically, I tend to work best in batches and fit in blogging around cleaning rooms, helping guests, and all the other normal “just living” stuff that we do.

Many of my blog post ideas for are derived by listening and noticing when someone is struggling with blogging or social media for their business. For me, I find it easiest to think of titles first and then I create a post around them and fortunately the titles usually come to me when I am out running or riding my bike.

When it comes to my business blogs, and the Palmetto Guesthouse blog, they are a little different. I still always want to provide some type of helpful information but when creating posts I tend to focus more on keywords and phrases that potential visitors to the island might be searching for.

In an attempt to show you what I do for my week’s plan, here’s my schedule for today, Sunday May 29. The content creation included drafting five posts for the Palmetto Guesthouse, five for Culebrablog, and three for

Palmetto Guesthouse posts

The Palmetto posts that I am writing for the upcoming week are based on  some of the frequently asked questions that we get, which if you aren’t aware, is an extremely convenient way to come up with blog content. The following are the titles and subsequent posts that I created.

  • Do you serve breakfast?
  • Should I bring a suit and tie to Culebra?
  • Does the Culebra and Fajardo ferry get crowded?
  • Culebra bike rental
  • Air Flamenco price update

Culebrablog posts

The content on Culebrablog tends to be focused on photos that we take around the island and they can be time intensive if I also need to upload, tag, and describe each picture on Flickr. As a result of today’s work, here are the five posts I have loaded and ready to publish over the next week or so.

  • Hello from Culebra!
  • Frangipani and Clouds on Culebra Island
  • Zoni Beach Looking East
  • Zoni Beach Palm
  • Zoni Beach & Cayo Norte View posts

The posts for this site always include more text than the other two blogs and they take up the majority of my time. However, nothing pleases me more than thinking that there is a frustrated business owner out there and perhaps one of my posts can help her achieve a blogging or social media goal. This weeks posts are as follows:

  • How do you plan your week?
  • Ten reasons why you should write your resignation letter today!
  • Evolution of a non-writer: How I was chosen to write a ProBlogger Guide

Over to you. How do you plan your blogging and social media week?

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Mark Hayward