Social media success and the three questions you’re not asking!

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Do you create your blog and social media content for you or for your customers?

The distinction is critical!

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Creating content for your customers or donors can present you with a tricky situation. You know that at the end of the day you need your social media activities to drive more customers but you have also probably heard that you need to give your clients valuable and helpful information if you want to be successful and build a community.

What’s a business owner to do?

You have to change your mindset and start thinking like a customer and not as the business owner or nonprofit manager. Next time you want to create some media for your online presence, instead of focusing on sales, sales, and more sales think about the following three questions

  1. Where do your clients or donors struggle with your business or message?
  2. What are your customers looking to learn?
  3. What are the questions that you get asked on a daily basis?

If you start with those three simple queries that are designed to get  you to think about the helpful material you could be creating, then you are going to be ahead of about 90% of all the other businesses out there that are using social media.

The best part, from the answers to those questions you should have enough blog material for a couple of months. And after you are done crafting helpful and informative blog posts, head on over to Facebook or Twitter and create inquiring updates around the posts you’ve drafted/published to draw people in and get a conversation started.

If you’re ever in doubt just remember – generosity sells and spam repels!

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Mark Hayward