Why getting to the start is 50% of done

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Are you struggling to get your blogging or social media efforts started? My friend and Possibility Engine collaborator Joaquin likes to say, “Getting to the start is fifty percent of done” and I tend to agree.

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When I did my first triathlon a couple of years ago, I can still remember walking the four hundred yards to get from the transition area to the starting line. With heart palpitating and butterflies a fluttering in my stomach, the short walk seemed to take  decades and felt as though I had cement shoes on.

I must have contemplated quitting and not starting at least a hundred times and kept wondering “Did I do enough bike training?,” “Can I run the distance?,” and worst of all “Am I going to drown?”

But I pushed the thoughts down and fought with myself internally as I kept walking forward, and eventually I came upon the starting line. Without really a moment to think or contemplate, the gun went off. We started. I survived.

Whether it’s blogging, social media, or even losing weight, I think that’s where most of us struggle…just getting to the start. If you don’t get to the start nothing is going to change.

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Mark Hayward


3 thoughts on “Why getting to the start is 50% of done

  1. I guess this post is what helped me get up this morning to write, just when my head was “naaah, why do it?”.
    Indeed, just getting up was 50% of done. :-)

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