Revolutions are driven by passion!

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Social media and blogging are changing the world on a daily basis and it’s why we named our free ebook the Possibility Engine, because anything is possible.

In fact, according to Seth Godin we are in the midst of a revolution. If you are willing to put in the work, you now have more opportunities than ever before to connect, engage, and build relationships with your customers, donors, or readers. Now is the time take advantage of the possibilities and become the brand manager, vice president of marketing, and CPO (Chief Passion Officer) for your business, your message, and your life.

Revolutions are driven by passion and a demand for change, and in this case, technology. Removing the old way of doing things—expensive ads, lucrative marketing campaigns, and ruthless bosses and creating a change with the possibilities that are available to you today demand action and a complete shift in thought process.

  • Before we shouted. Now we can engage.
  • Previously we had to purchase expensive ads. Now we can educate and inform.
  • In the past we had no voice. Now we can connect, build trust, and develop relationships.

Certainly, there’s risk involved but as small business, a nonprofit or even as an individual, all of the impetus for change resides in…yes, you alone.

seek-failure(click slide to download the Possibility Engine)

If you’ve been considering taking action with a blogging or social media strategy, we want you to get motivated and get moving because the world is waiting for you and your message. The walls you are putting up are imaginary and meant to specifically keep you from taking action:

  • People will laugh. So what?
  • What about my career? Nobody is telling you to quit your job (yet).
  • What will my family say? Hopefully they’ll support you.
  • Sure seems like a lot of work. You bet it is!

Remember, critics rarely create! With hard work and focus you CAN achieve your blogging and social media goals and if you missed the links above you can download it now Possibility Engine.

(Note: The Possibility Engine is a creative collaboration between Mark Hayward (@mark_hayward) and Joaquín R. Kierce (@jrkierce) and the ebook design and layout was done by Jonathan Woodward of Shine & Glue. If what we are trying to do resonates with you we would be grateful if you’d share it on Twitter or Facebook. Oh yeah, over the next couple of weeks we’ll be delving into each page (today was day 3 of 30) to further inspire you, so don’t miss one day, get the email updates.)

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