Whose permission are you waiting for?

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If we had told you six or seven years ago that we were going to connect directly with a major telecoms thought leader via 140 character messages and work with him to bring a major conference to a U.S. Territory in the Caribbean you’d have laughed in our face.

Or, if we stated that we were going to bypass the public relations rep of a major Hollywood actress and go direct to her to assist us in our efforts to rescue stray animals on a tiny island that nobody has ever heard of, you would have nodded your head politely and walked away and said those people are passionate but I think they have a screw or two loose.

But stories such as the above, and so much, much more are happening every day!


Think about the possibilities for a moment, you don’t need permission from anyone except yourself if you decide you want to develop a loyal online following and share a message globally, or start a small nonprofit, or if you want and create a business and work from home.

The tools are all there at your disposal and just waiting to be used. That’s what the Possibility Engine is about. YOU are now the brand manager, chief storyteller, and vice president of marketing for your life, your small business, or your nonprofit.

Our goal with the Possibility Engine is simple: for thirty days we are going to give you one blogging related point and one illustration to think about and to motivate you each day. We hope to get YOU to take action. In essence, we want you to get your blogging (or social media) ass in gear and get working!

If you missed any of the links above, download it NOW! Possibility Engine

(Note: The Possibility Engine is a creative collaboration between Mark Hayward (@mark_hayward) and Joaquín R. Kierce (@jrkierce) and the ebook design and layout was done by Jonathan Woodward of Shine & Glue. If what we are trying to do resonates with you we would be grateful if you’d share it on Twitter or Facebook. Oh yeah, over the next couple of weeks we’ll be delving into each page to further inspire you, so don’t miss one day, get the email updates.)

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Mark Hayward