Possibility Engine: A Mini-Starter Kit to Get Your Blogging Ass in Gear

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Today. Right now. YOU have the power and the control to spread your message, share your story, and connect with more people than ever before.

  • Do you want to grow a small online business and develop a base of passionate fans so that you can be free from the constraints of a job that you don’t really like?
  • Are you eager to get your message out about orphans in Darfur?
  • Do you want to educate your customers and provide them with helpful information?

All of the above examples, plus many more possibilities are available to you right now. It’s not easy and it requires a tremendous amount of focus and work, but it can be done.


When it comes to blogging (and using social media) for business, or for a nonprofit, or even as an individual there’s this niggling and annoying little voice inside your head that says – – “you can’t, you shouldn’t and you won’t.” Or there’s always a low hanging excuse available as the scapegoat – not enough time, nobody reads it anyway, what impact am I having, etc.

And strangely enough, most of the time we listen. We let what Seth Godin calls “the Lizard Brain” and what Steven Pressfield calls “The Resistance” win and the only action we consciously take is no action at all.

Today we are launching the Possibility Engine, which is a free ebook focused and directed at YOU, the struggling, overworked, and frazzled business owners, nonprofit workers and any interested individuals who’ve wanted to start blogging but just haven’t taken the initiative. It’s also for those who’ve started in social media and blogging and found themselves giving up when results weren’t immediate.


Our goal with the Possibility Engine is simple: for thirty days we are going to give you one blogging related point and one illustration to think about and to  motivate you each day.  We hope to get YOU to take action. In essence, we want you to get your blogging ass in gear and get working!

If you missed any of the links above, download it NOW! Possibility Engine

(Note: The Possibility Engine is a creative collaboration between Mark Hayward (@mark_hayward) and Joaquín R. Kierce (@jrkierce) and the ebook design and layout was done by Jonathan Woodward of Shine & Glue.  If what we are trying to do resonates with you we would be grateful if you’d share it on Twitter or Facebook. Oh yeah, over the next couple of weeks we’ll be delving into each page to further inspire you, so don’t miss one day, get the email updates.)

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Mark Hayward


18 thoughts on “Possibility Engine: A Mini-Starter Kit to Get Your Blogging Ass in Gear

  1. I fit the profile for this book. I’ve only begun to get serious about blogging this year. I met Darren Rowse in 2008 at Blogworld. Back then he was promoting one of his books and was offering a 1/2 hr. consultation or something like that. I bought the book and told him I was going to take him up on his offer. Problem was I never got my butt in gear and didn’t realize what kind of opportunity I had. Looking back 3 years is a very long time in the online world and I know that I would be much further ahead had I got moving back then. Thanks for the inspiration

    1. Thanks, Nixon! Please report back and let us know what you create. We’ve all been struggling and frustrated before so I hope this little book can help get you on your way. :-)

  2. I am already blogging and don’t lack inspiration. But we are still in the struggling phase and has got a long way to go.

  3. Hi Mark, Your welcome. I read your “About” page on your website. Very inspiring. Part of your story sounds just like me. Right now trying to prioritize time with the 9-5 job and learning how to say “no” with the long term goal of starting a career online.

    Also currently working with some experienced coaches on launching a new niche site related to my primary site to help get more traffic.

  4. Mark,

    What a great idea! I might make a short post on my blog about it to share the great work you guys have done.. Will be signing up for the 30 day challenge.

    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks, Raul! It’s people like you who continuously give, every day, that helped to inspire the ebook.

  5. @nixon – let me know how you get on! It’s certainly been a long road for me…but I am as pumped now as I’ve ever been and even have an ebook being released on ProBlogger soon… :-)

    1. I will make sure to keep in touch. Each day, I will plan on having this on the top of my screen. Makes me more accountable to what’s important and keep me motivated :) Great title by the way. Thanks again and good luck with your E-book, I will keep an eye out for it.

  6. Congrats, Mark! This is a great resource for sticking through those hard times when you just have to fight resistance.

    Looking forward to your in-depth posts about the book!

    1. Thank you, Jarkko, for your support and kind words! It’s amazing what Joaquin came up with for illustrations and how nicely Jonathan put it all together. Strangely, all of the text came out during one creative spurt while flying up to see Seth Godin speak and we probably have enough content for thirty more pages… :-)

  7. Thanks for the ebook. I will be sharing the link with a few friends who are always complaining that they want to blog more but…

    The “Get Your Blogging Ass in Gear” reminds me of an ebook (& course) I wrote in 2007/8 Kick Your Butt Into Gear -about Health & Fitness.

    Looking forward to some blogging Motivation to Share & Use Immediately. :)

    1. Thanks, Tracy!! And we really appreciate you sharing the link. Our main goal with the Possibility Engine is to help one small business owner, nonprofit worker, or individual at a time and to have them just take that initial step, get motivated, and to get started blogging or in their social media efforts.

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