The Possibility Engine

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When you discuss the internet with  most small business owners and nonprofit types their main concerns are the search engines, the search engines, and the search engines.

  • How do we get our business on the front page of Google?
  • What will the search engines think if I put my keywords in this order?
  • What exactly is the magic search engine formula?

With the advent of Twitter, and all social media really, we need a thought shift. We need to stop thinking constantly about the Search Engine and we need to be focusing on the Possibility Engine. Your ability to empower people, affect change, and spread your idea(s) is easier than it ever has been. (Thank you Seth Godin!)

For example, a few years ago if we rescued an animal off of the streets here in Culebra, there was just no possible way for me to interact with Alyssa Milano and seek her assistance.  Sure my wife and I could have sent off a letter seeking support but it would most likely have ended up in the hands of a publicist and died there. (Note: Since Alyssa is such a nice person we probably would have gotten a letter back, but you get the idea.)

culebra rescue pups

However, the possibility now exists that when we find 11 puppies dumped on the side of the road (as we did above), we are no longer just getting the Animal Welfare of Culebra message out to five people in one week. With the communication barriers removed, we now have the ability to get the message out to over 20,000 people in an hour because of the opportunity to connect with people like Alyssa Milano.


What does this mean for the business owner, nonprofit, or individual?

If you’re trying to spread a message to your customers or your donors, on a daily basis, the power is in your hands. There is no middleman or gatekeeper to go through. Whether it’s your personal message, small business story, or nonprofit mission you can go directly to your customer.

The playing field has been leveled.

Certainly, I am not suggesting that you won’t get frustrated with blogging and you won’t struggle with Twitter (it takes time!). But, you  most certainly do have the possibility to influence one person, one customer, and one potential fan every day.

Remember, you now have the same access as everyone else to the Possibility Engine.

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Mark Hayward


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