Small Business Blogging: 19 Simple & Effective Ideas to Liven Up Your Posts

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simple small business bloggingAs a small business owner, sometimes creating interesting ideas to blog about can be the most difficult task in any given week. To try and make life easier for you this week, here’s eighteen tips to help you liven up your posts:

  1. Respond to a criticism.
  2. Add a picture.
  3. Even better than #2, add a video.
  4. Highlight an employee.
  5. Create a tutorial.
  6. Run a giveaway promotion.
  7. Get personal.
  8. Interview loyal and first time customers.
  9. Create a list post.
  10. Ask for constructive feedback .
  11. Launch a new product or service solely with your blog.
  12. Run a sincere initiative to help someone.
  13. Explain what makes your service/product the best.
  14. Describe what the economy is doing to business.
  15. Create a challenge for yourself & blog about it.
  16. Highlight your latest renovation.
  17. Explain what you like to do in your free time (are you an avid
    athlete, etc).
  18. Describe a unique experience from your past.
  19. Answer the frequently asked questions that your customers always seem to have.

What do you do to make your small business blog posts more interesting?

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Mark Hayward


3 thoughts on “Small Business Blogging: 19 Simple & Effective Ideas to Liven Up Your Posts

  1. This is a very useful list many people should have to make their blogging easier.

    Personally I try to tie in current events to my blog posts at least on my personal blog. I am trying to move that way with my small business blog.

  2. “Add a picture.”

    It’s amazing what one simple little image can do to liven up a blog post. I grab mine mostly from Flickr (with proper credit of course). And it goes a long way (in my opinion) in capturing people’s attention, etc.

    The other thing I think is extremely helpful, especially if you author a small business blog, is screencast tutorials. Jing and Screenr are two services that work extremely well for this. For example, this is an old and outdated Facebook FBML Tutorial that I did: It’s up to 22,000+ views on Facebook. Not bad eh?

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