Social Media: Presence is NOT Enough

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I was having a discussion with a very intelligent business person yesterday and when I queried about social media they said that they wanted a presence.

No goals, no plan, no way to measure success or failure…just a presence.

To the person’s credit, they realized that they needed some assistance. In fact, we joked about their three YouTube videos, a blank FLICKR account, and limited Twitter activity.

The funny thing is, this business is not alone! Creating an account on any social media platform that sits void of interaction, discussion, or content is not social media marketing.

It’s failure.

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Mark Hayward


5 thoughts on “Social Media: Presence is NOT Enough

  1. Hey Marcus – Great points! I always try to stress that I don’t think it matters which tool folks decide to use…as long as they are consistent in their use.

  2. Every time a real estate agent tells me “I need a blog” or a Facebook page, I refer them to this article:

    You HAVE to start with the basics. Layout some goals and objectives. What’s working now? What isn’t working now? Where am I and where do I want to be? How do I intend to make money?

    Joining one network and blindly starting a blog does not equate to instant money. It’s takes time, hard work and some good solid planning.

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