10 Social Media Tricks I Learned From My Dog

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Ah … yes, we all think that we are smarter than our dogs. Don’t we?

In fact, we are supposed to be the masters of our furry, four legged, K-9 creatures, but sometimes they do teach US a new trick or two.

While I was out walking my dog this morning I started to think, that perhaps, my dog can actually teach those of us who are working to develop a social media footprint for our small business some valuable lessons.

I have three dogs that are all rescues, but this post is specific to our (highly) mixed breed dog named ‘George’ and how his personality can help you (US) to discover how to “Do” social media.

Trick 1: Friendly and non judgmental – George doesn’t care who or what you are – – skinny, fat, orange, green, tall, short, a celebrity, etc – – to him, we are all the same. There is no better way to develop trust portals, grow your reputation, and build your small business social media footprint than being open and honest.

Trick 2: Consistent – George is here everyday. If you are attempting to develop your small business reputation in the social space, consistency is key.

Trick 3: Eager – When he knows he is going for a walk or a beach trip, George does an all over body wiggle out of pure excitement that is akin to someone who is being tasered. Now, I am not suggesting that you need that level of enthusiasm, but if you’re passionate and excited about what you are doing it’s going to resonate with your followers, friends, and fans.

Trick 4: Happy – We all have bad days, but very few brands and small businesses pull off sulky and desultory well.

Trick 5: Helpful – George has actually been known to carry a water bottle on a 10 mile run. Are you being helpful and obliging others before seeking assistance for yourself. No matter how big you get, always try to be helpful.

Trick 6: Smart – I don’t know George’s IQ, but I would venture to guess he is pretty smart (in dog terms :-)). Original, smart, and thought provoking ideas will help spread awareness of your small business.

Trick 7: Playful – George does not take himself too seriously and you shouldn’t either.

Trick 8: Loyal – Perhaps one of the most important tips that George can teach us about using social media for small business or brand awareness. If you have followers and fans who continually support your work, repay them by being loyal in return. (Remember karma?)

Trick 9: Persistent – George has been known to eat green coconuts with the focus of a brain surgeon. Never give up!

Trick 10: Your turn – – What would you add to this list?

(OK, you got me! Most of these are traits not tricks….but “Traits” just didn’t work in the title.)

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Mark Hayward


22 thoughts on “10 Social Media Tricks I Learned From My Dog

  1. I would add “curious.” My dog’s always sniffing things, listening attentively to every little sound, and he’s always the first one at the door when the doorbell rings. I think in business it’s important to let your curiosity flow and see where it takes you. There could be something amazing waiting around the next corner, but if you’re not curious enough to take a look then you’ll never know.

  2. How about “active”? My dogs have always been up to something. They never lay dormant for long. For social media to work for you, you’ve got to use it regularly. This combined with your other tricks will surely start to make things happen!

  3. What about Hungry!? Everyday we like to have a big helping of Social Media on our plate, you know something juicy for us to sink our teeth into! It seems like we can never get enough of this stuff! Seconds, please!

  4. First of all, great, great post. I do have three dogs, too, all rescued.
    But the dog I want to talk about is Zen and she has an attitude that I think is very important in social media:

    – she is always looking very carefully to what others dogs and humans, do (that’s monitoring and listening).

    – everytime someone new, dog or human, approach our group she goes there and welcome him (that’s conversation)

    Long life to our dogs!

  5. This post puts social media into a different perspective that simple to understand. i think many people will find it easy to understand, even if they aren’t social media experts. I enjoy articles like this. I’m not sure i could put my dog into this though as i dont think i should put “lazy” and “full of attitude” into the workplace. I suppose you have to give her a little credit, shes getting old. :)

  6. Great post! I love how you mixed the amusing with the helpful. And I think number 5 is an important one that is often overlooked. Especially for bloggers. If you want people to keep coming back, you have to give them something of value.

    These are all good things to keep in mind when writing a blog post.

  7. Hi Mark,
    Excellent advice, from a very smart dog! Nice additions of: curious, active, enthusiastic, hungry, plus listening and conversing. Social Media is all about networking, engaging, interacting …. being Social! We can learn a great deal from our loyal companions.

    btw – I have 4 dogs and a cat, all rescues! Kudos to You :^)

  8. Top (dog) post Mark.

    What a dog can teach you is underestimated and I like the way you relate this to social media. It picks out some of the behaviours and values which are important.

    My favourite is friendly and non-judgemental. It is OK to have judgement (which can save you from spam and scams) but it is easy to judge someone when there is just text and no body language!

    So rather than react to something someone has written, reflect on what the intention of the person might have been.

    My favourite dog quote: “My aim in life is to be as good as my dog thinks I am.”

  9. What a way to explain social media tricks. Definitely I will implement these techniques for my footwear brand website and hopefully generate good business and loyal customers :)

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