Do Great Things Today!

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If you don’t do great things today – Who Will?

Right now, today, this hour, within the next second, if you aren’t willing to take action and do something great, someone else will:

  • Launch that amazing website you’ve been thinking about.
  • Develop that killer app you’ve been hoping to develop.
  • Sign a contract to write the book you’ve been meaning to write.
  • Provide amazing, conversation worthy, customer service.
  • Jump in and help with the social cause you’ve wanted to support.
  • Open *your* business in the exact same location that you’ve been driving past for months.
  • Pursue their passion for travel and purchase a round the world ticket
  • Start working from home.
  • Publish that server crashing blog post.
  • Help cubicle dwellers to find their true calling.
  • Turn the creative activity that they love into a way to generate income.
  • Be awake at 1:00am working on …

Fear, procrastination, and a genuine lack of hours in the day afflict us all. But, if you don’t take action and do great things today, someone else will, and that’s an opportunity lost.

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Mark Hayward


3 thoughts on “Do Great Things Today!

  1. Great motivator, Mark!

    Most of the items on your list match with things I have been thinking to do. Or actually, all of them do. Of course the reality is that you won’t be able to do them all now, at this minute, but yes, let’s take action to move towards the goals and make beautiful things happen!

  2. The key is in the last sentence “But, if you don’t take action”. Taking a first step, any first step will get the momentum rolling and before you know it you are knocking out your list…

  3. I’m always awake at 1:00am working on… and 2:00am… and 3:00am… that’s my problem! ;)

    But seriously, you have to keep giving people this kind of kick, and maybe, one day, they’ll take action.

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