How Your YouTube Video Earns My Business

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Have you used YouTube to promote your business yet? What the heck are you waiting for?

I started this site to share my story and to help business owners learn how to use social media for no cost (bottom up) promotional purposes. Truly, I could sit here and tell you to use Twitter, relevant forums, and YouTube until I am blue in the face.

However, today I have a personal example of why I think YouTube is such an amazing small business tool for you.

To get us started, here are three reasons why:

  • it’s simple
  • it’s cost effective
  • it works

Backstory – I Need a Vacation
My wife and I work our tails off seven days a week, for 10-15 hours a day, in arguably one of the nicest locations in the world.

Surely, I am not complaining but lately I have been thinking about a quick trip to help us recharge our batteries. We are not really picky about the destination; however, the location has to meet three criteria:

· Close to Puerto Rico
· Cheap flights from San Juan airport
· Good surf

Since I am the one tasked with our online business promotion, I am also the one who researches our travel destinations. (How this fits in with Maslow’s hierarchy, I am not exactly sure?) After some discussion amongst my wife and I, the north coast of the Dominican Republic has been mentioned, so I thought I would do some further research.

The first thing I did was to do a Google search on “Dominican Republic surfing” (or something like that) and up came the following video:


(Please note, even though I own a tourism related business and I am looking to take a trip, the YouTube search could have been for anything – – new shoes, a plumber, real estate agent, Bikram yoga studio, etc.)

And here’s the kicker, the above video never went viral and it’s not spammy or arrogant. But it does a fantastic job of promoting his business by telling a story and it also begins to gain my trust.

The Business in it for the YouTube Guy
I don’t need surf lessons, but I do need a place to stay, a rental car, and I might even want to investigate some real estate. After inspecting his website, which I got led to from the video, I learned that he has been living in the area for over 15 years! As such, I have emailed an inquiry and he stands to gain roughly $3,000 worth of business (which doesn’t include my friends and word of mouth).

How well would this strategy work if you owned a dry cleaning establishment in New York…..?

I am not sure, nevertheless, if I “Googled” it and you had a compelling video story about your dry cleaning process or how you came to be in the business, then two VERY important things happen:

1. I now know you exist!

2. You have my attention for at least a minute, which is more than enough time to gain my initial trust.

Here’s the thing: I constantly hear the following sentence regarding social media, “Oh, anybody can do that.”

And the folks saying this are correct, but really what they should be saying is;

“Anybody can do it, but not everybody does it!”

All things considered, I would rather give my business to someone I feel like I know and whose story I am sympathetic to.

How about you?

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image source:  Route79

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Mark Hayward


16 thoughts on “How Your YouTube Video Earns My Business

  1. Interesting video. Best part, it is realistic, he did not show me people taking the first lesson and surfing like pros. Love the idea of using video. I am starting a business now, just got the domain name yesterday, working on having at least a blog running on the site, hopefully by Monday, there should be something there. I had thought about including a video of why am I doing this and maybe adding a couple of tips on what is working so far on the motivation side. Was not sure if it was too pretentious. But I see your point. We all want to know WHO is on the other side. Might tweak the content of the video a little, but I think I will do it. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Innkeepers living on a paradise island need holidays too? ;)

    Just kidding. Everyone needs to get away every now and then. Nice to see YouTube used for clever marketing.

    When I first read this post’s headline, I started thinking about YouTube as a tool for marketing research: by searching for videos made by regular Joes, find out what they want from what you’re selling, and then make your product answer those needs.

    And now that I’m thinking about this, personal blogs could be a similar source for information: people often rant about things they would like changed, or things that they really enjoyed, and so on. It’s good to see inside people’s heads. :)

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